Notion Life Design

August Bradley's
Pillars, Pipelines & Vaults Course

The enhanced PPV life operating system course is a few weeks away from launch!

The "Notion Life Design" program will enable you to:
Achieve Massive FocusAlign Life Aspirations with Daily ActionsCapture & Resurface Knowledge in Context
This will be a self-paced learning experience with extensive community and live components.

Additional information on the program's previous iteration can be found here. The upcoming second generation of the course will have all that plus more.

"PPV has empowered my shattered mind into an aligned, focused beast!!!"

Noel De Jesus

"August’s system is a life-changing, holistic system... a well-oiled machine that enhanced my life!"

Julian Weiland

"August is the MASTER at using Notion to build a Life OS. This course teaches how to actively move towards your goals and hack your habits."

Pete Matthew

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